Here’e my top 100 albums of 2021. Heckuva year for music!

A sampling in Spotify playlist form:

The Top 100

100. Blindfolded and Led to the Woods — Nightmare Withdrawals
Genre: Death Metal, Post-Metal
Surprising sludgey and technical dissonant death metal record with heavy post-metal guitar groove and Pelican-like post-rock structure.

Here’e my top 100 albums of 2020. Better late than never!

Honorable Mentions:

140. Today Is The Day — No Good To Anyone
Genre: Sludge Metal

139. Vatican Shadow — Persian Pillars of the Gasoline Era
Genre: Industrial Techno

138. Thou — Blessings of the Highest Order
Genre: Grunge, Sludge Metal

Michael Tri

Senior Interactive Designer. Music. Nerd. Always learning. Neither tarrying nor hurrying. He/him.

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